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Our Telephone Engineering Services

Residential Telephone Engineer

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Service Description:

Having internal problems with your Phone Lines? Looking to move a socket, or install a new socket in a new room? Our Residential Telephone Engineer can provide a whole host of internal home telephony solutions at the most competitive rates available – much cheaper than BT.

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Commercial Telephone Engineer

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Service Description:

Businesses, Warehouses and Small-Large scale Business Telephone Systems that need help? Our Telephone Engineer are fully trained on a whole host of Business Telephone Systems from NEC to Panasonic we have it covered with dedicated support and other business enhancing benefits.

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Schools Telephone Engineer

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Service Description:

We provide Telephone Engineer for schools across the UK. Our fully trained and certified Telephone Engineer are fully trained to work in the school environment providing a huge variety of solutions for your Schools Telephone System. Book your Local Telephone Engineer today!

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Our Frequently Asked Questions…

How Long does it take to install a new Socket?

Our Telephone Engineers provide rapid response for both Commercial & Residential problems. It will take around 1 Hour for a Telephone Engineer to install a new BT Socket depending on the sockets new location and accessibility.

Can you find a Fault on our Home BT Line?

If you have contacted BT and they are not being held responsible for the Faulty Line then it is down to you the Home Owner to locate the fault. Our Telephone Engineers are fully trained to detect any Internal Line Faults that BT cannot find. From discovering the Faulty Line our Telephone Engineers will be able to fix the problem.

Are Materials Free?

All of our Telephone Engineering services provide all materials FREE of charge, this includes Wiring, Front Socket Plates etc.

How long will it take for my Engineer to arrive?

Once you have been booked in and a Time Slot has been given, our Telephone Engineer will always call you when he is 1 Hour away from your location. When booking a Local Telephone Engineer with us we allow a 2-3 working day time slot so within that period you are guaranteed a Local Telephone Engineer no matter where you are located within the UK!

Are you VAT Registered?

Yes, we are UK VAT Registered. Our VAT Number is: UK 826 0531 49

How can I make Payment?

You can make Payment in two ways, either over the Phone or you can pay cash. We take all major Credit and Debit cards.

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